Saturday, September 28, 2013

Cougar's Roar - 9-27-13

Fall Leaves
September 27, 2013

The Cougar's Roar
In This Issue

Calvary is having its first ever Buddy Day on Friday, October 4th!  You can bring your friend to school with you for the day or a part of the day.  The public schools in our district will be closed, so this is a great day for friends to come visit or just hang out with you. 

Please let the office or your teacher know if you plan to bring a buddy, and have your buddy's parent or guardian fill out the form below and bring it with on Buddy Day.

Buddy Day Emergency Form

Calvary Calendar

28 - Girls Volleyball Tournament @ POP -- Go COUGARS! 
29 - Church Service "Selling Out?" Gen. 25, 3rd/4th Grade Partners in Worship - 9am; "Calvary Appetizer Taste Off" following the service
30 - Assembly @ 2:15 - Otis Spunkmeyer Kick Off 
2 - Chapel - 3rd-6th Choir Singing - 8:40am
3 - Girls' Volleyball - OSL @ CLS - 3:30pm
4 - Buddy Day
6 - Chapel - 3rd-8th Choir Singing 8:40am
7 - Girls' Volleyball - CLS @ SJ (Napa) - 3:30pm
8-11 - 7th/8th Outdoor Ed
9 - 5th/6th Grade Lead Chapel
13 - Church - 5th/6th Partners in Worship 9am
14 - Otis Spunkmeyer Fundraiser ends
18 - End of 1st Quarter (42 Days)
24 - Parent/Teacher Conferences (3:15pm - 7:00pm)
25 - Parent/Teacher Conferences (8am - 12noon, No School, Calvary Club Available)
26 - Halloween Parade & Extravaganza sponsored by the SLZ HOA
30 - Fall Pictures 
31 - Walk for Cans

The Otis Spunkmeyer Fundraiser is Coming!    
The Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie Fundraiser Kick-Off will be Monday, Sept. 30th.  Check your child's backpack for the yummy catalog of cookie dough and other assorted sweets to support our "sweeties," our students!

SLZHOA 6th Annual Halloween Parade & Extravaganza
Saturday, Oct. 26th

Parade Begins @ 10am
(Meet at 9:30 @ SLZ Community Church - 945 Paseo Grande)

Games & Festivities Begin @ 10:30am - Library Parking Lot
Come visit Calvary's table and play our bean bag game for candy and prizes! 

Our Featured Teacher this week is...
Miss Ellen Hackerd  Miss Hackerd



Ellen graduated from California Lutheran College in Thousand Oaks in 1978.  She completed her California State credential at CSU Long Beach in 1980.  She has taught in Inglewood, California; Phoenix, Arizona; Anaheim, Yuba City and Piedmont, California; as well as 5 years in Hawaii.  Ellen has completed 31 years in Lutheran Education for a total of 33 years experience.  Ellen loves to quilt and do puzzles, and can finish a 400-piece puzzle on her Kindle in an hour or two.  Her "significant other" is 8 1/2 years old and weighs 7 lbs. Toby was happily rescued by Ellen from a Yorkshire Rescue and is a pedigreed Yorkie. Toby rules the roost now and the two live happily together enjoying quilting and puzzles.       

Calvary's Music Program

Piano Keys
It Just Keeps Getting Better!

Not only do we have 2 bell choirs, a singing choir, recorders, a band and plans for a pep band down the road, but now Calvary offers Piano Lessons!

Mrs. Pam Smith will be offering piano lessons for $20 per 1/2 hr for students 3rd - 8th grade, school families and church families.  If you are interested, please contact her @ 510-999-2810 or 510-940-8806.

Little Reminders
 Calvary's Lost & Found is located in the hallway between the Parish Hall and Calvary Club.  Be sure to stop and check periodically that none of your child's belongings have ended up in the bin.  At the end of each month, the items will be gone through and donated if they do not have a name.

Eating Utensils - Please provide any spoons or forks that your child may need to eat his/her lunch.  Calvary is unable to provide flatware for lunches. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Appetizer tasting

Calvary Lutheran Church

Dont forget to pull out those recipie cards and whip up some tasty treats for all to sample.

Put your taste buds to the test

And help decide which one is best



September 29th after service

Bring your favorite appetizer to share

Please bring it prepared so there is no last minute heating or prep-work needed.

We will provide the toothpicks, forks, napkins and drinks


Prizes will be given for the ones that receive the most votes.

Just another opportunity for FUN, FELLOWSHIP and FOOD!

Please drop off your dishes in the Kitchen before service with your name on it so that Maren will know whose is whose  

Monday, September 23, 2013

BIG thank you

A great BIG Thank You!

Thank you to our Music Angel for the wonderful (anonymous) donation of a BIG piano keyboard, like the one used in the Tom Hanks movie BIG. The students are extremely excited and will be enriched as they learn the names of the notes and their keyboard placement.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Cougar's Roar - 9-20-13


First Day of Fall
September 20, 2013

The Cougar's Roar
In This Issue

Our school families are invited to our Calvary Church Appetizer Taste-Off! Join us for church on Sunday, Sept. 29th at 9am for church and directly after the service, we will have a fun "taste-off" for the tastiest appetizer.

We are encouraging kids to bring their favorite appetizer with a small note or card that says what their appetizer is and "experiment" on our adults! There will be food and fun to share as we all taste-test each other's appetizers! 

Mark your calendars! And don't forget this is Partners in Worship Sunday, so it's going to be extra fun!
Calvary Calendar
22 - Church Service "How Much Do I Love God" Gen. 22 - 9am; Adult Bible Study and Children's Sunday School following service--new classes are starting; come check us out!
22-27 - Scholastic Book Fair (Parish Hall)
23 - Girls' Volleyball - GLS @ CLS - 4:00pm
24 - Girls' Volleyball - CLS @ POP - 3:00pm
25 - 3rd/4th Grade Lead Chapel 8:40am
26 - Girls' Volleyball - CLS @ RLS - 3:30pm
27 - Staff In-Service Day - 11:30 Dismissal, Calvary Club is Available

28 - Girls' Volleyball Tournament @ POP
29 - Partners in Worship - 3rd/4th Grade & Calvary Appetizer Taste-Off! 
30 - Assembly @ 2:15 - Otis Spunkmeyer Kick Off 
2 - Chapel - 3rd-6th Choir Singing - 8:40am
3 - Girls' Volleyball - OSL @ CLS - 3:30pm
6 - Chapel - 3rd-8th Choir Singing 8:40am
7 - Girls' Volleyball - CLS @ SJ (Napa) - 3:30pm
8-11 - 7th/8th Outdoor Ed
9 - 5th/6th Lead Chapel
13 - Church - 5th/6th Partners in Worship 9am
14 - Otis Spunkmeyer Fundraiser ends 

Thank You to All
for helping with the Car Wash & Eating at Rigatoni's 
Car Wash Kids

The Car Wash earned $360 and Rigatoni's earned $134.35!

The funds raised in these fundraisers go toward our classroom field trips and projects.

Thank you!!!

Thank You to Our Target Shoppers
Calvary received over $300!
Thank you to those of you who have designated your Target REDcard to give back to Calvary.  Target's 2013 "Take Charge of Education" encourages individuals to choose a school online for Target to donate to.  1% of each shopper's REDcard purchases are donated to the school of his/her choice.  These funds go to Calvary's Scholarship Fund to help our families.  This program is scheduled to run through 2015, so let's get everyone on board.  Every little bit helps!

Our Featured Teacher this week is...
Miss America Salazar  Miss America





Miss America, as she prefers to be called, was born in the area but grew up in Mexico. Miss America received her A.A. in Spanish from Chabot College-Hayward, where she provided support to students as a peer advisor and a Spanish tutor.  


She extended her education by obtaining her B.A. in Spanish from San Francisco State University. Miss America received awards in the following areas: Hispanic Scholarship 2008; World Languages Scholarship 2010. Miss America prepared for classroom teaching working at La Familial Recreation Center teaching reading classes in Spanish, new vocabulary to children, and introduced children to reading to analyze through fun activities. Miss America is a very welcome addition to our Calvary Family.


On the lighter side: She has jumped out of a plane, loves dancing, writing poems, and playing video games.  Someday she would like to travel around the world starting from Mexico, then going to the countries in South America, then Europe, China, Japan and India.  She loves dogs and one day she will have a St. Bernard, even though they eat a lot!



Calvary's Technology Plan

Children & Computers
1st Year Plan & Roll Out 

 - web-based, more info, accessible from anywhere, enhanced features to come.

Classroom Tools
 - projectors for classrooms, for use by teachers & students to share lessons, student reports.
 - tablets for teachers & students
to research subject matter and share with classmates.

Time Line - Upgrading the network to support additional devices including WiFi will take place in late September and October.  Projectors will be purchased for every class in October.  Tablets will be purchased and will be available for check out by teachers/students in November.

Internet Filters
Creating a safe internet where children can "surf the web" safely, and following the CIPA--Children's Internet Protection Act.

For the Future: We need to be aware of opportunities to apply for grants and corporate donations to continue our technology plan.  Please contact the school office if you hear of such an opportunity for our school.
Praise Choir to Begin
Praise Him
 Calvary's new Praise Choir will begin practices on Saturday September 21st 10:30am-noon in the Church.

Pam Smith is coordinating a Praise Choir that will be performing in Church on Sunday September 22nd during our service.  Everyone is welcome to join!

Movie Night Tonight - Friday, Sept 20th

Movie Night @ Calvary Tonight 
Friday, Sept. 20th @ 7:00pm 
Gates open @ 6:45pm

Invite your friends and come with your camping chairs, blankets and sleeping bags to watch "Epic" with your Calvary friends and family!   Popcorn, nachos, hot dogs and drinks will be sold. Yum!

 Tickets are $5 each, or 4 for $15! 





Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Thank You from Calvary Lutheran Church & School

Dear Doug,
Volunteers Needed!
Our First ever movie night is this Friday night at 7pm. We need some volunteers to collect money as people arrive for the movie as well as to work in our snack stand.
If you are able to volunteer please contact the office and speak to Karla or Cindy
We want this to be a great experience for all involved.
Thank you
Calvary CPA



Saturday, September 14, 2013

Cougar's Roar - 9-13-13

September Picture
September 13, 2013

The Cougar's Roar
In This Issue

Fall is rapidly falling upon us and as we settle into routines, there are some fun events to watch for in the coming weeks!  Be sure to mark your calendar so you don't miss out!

Calvary Calendar
14 - CPA Car Wash & Bake Sale 10am - 3pm  ****Note Time Change*****
15 - Church Service will be conducted by Elders @ 9am; Adult Bible Study and Children's Sunday School following service--new classes are starting; come check us out!

16 - Girls' Volleyball - SJ @ CLS - 3:30pm
20 - Outdoor Family Movie Night - the movie shown will be 'EPIC!'
22-27 - Scholastic Book Fair (Parish Hall)
23 - 3rd/4th Grade Lead Chapel 8:40am
23 - Girls' Volleyball - GLS @ CLS - 4:00pm
24 - Girls' Volleyball - CLS @ POP - 3:00pm
26 - Girls' Volleyball - CLS @ RLS - 3:30pm
27 - Staff In-Service Day - 11:30 Dismissal
, Calvary Club is Available
28 - Girls' Volleyball Tournament @ POP
29 - Partners in Worship - 3rd/4th Grade
30 - Assembly @ 2:15 - Otis Spunkmeyer Kick Off 
School Calendar Link - Updated as of 9/13/13

CPA Car Wash & Bake Sale Car Wash Kids
  @ Dr. Hall's Orthodontics
15803 Hesperian Blvd., SLZ

Tomorrow, Saturday 9/14
 10am - 3pm

Volunteers needed! 
Earn PPP Hours and have fun and fellowship in the sun.

Can't stay to help?  Stop by and get your car washed and buy a treat while you wait.  Car Wash is $8.00.

Parent Participation Jobs

We are still in need of some volunteers for some of our yearly PPP jobs.  Doing one of these ongoing positions will complete your
 20-hours for the year.

 - Update Large Announcement Board
 - Hot Lunch Coordinator
 - Update Black Message Boards
- Recycle Large Toners at Office Depot

Please call the office for details. 
Our Featured Teacher this week is...
Miss Tori Anklam Tori!



Miss Anklam comes to Calvary by way of Calvary...


Yes...she is a former student and a very happy alumnus to be able to work at her favorite school. By the way, I believe that she was the Chapel Buddy of one of our present eighth grade students. Miss Anklam is a graduate of Chabot College. We are very happy to have her join us in the Preschool classroom with Mrs. Vincent and Mrs. Traci.


Tori loves watching movies and TV. Her favorite movie is Wedding Crashers, and her favorite TV show is 'Friends.' Her most beloved vacation spot to go is Disneyland; she is a kid a heart. She enjoys hanging out with her friends; driving around and singing in her car with them.


Mandarin Classes
Now Offered at CLS!
Be Bilingual
Here's an opportunity for students K - 8th to learn another language in a fun, class setting with a teacher from United Education.

Students will learn daily conversation, pinyin, culture, grammar, stories, games, singing and dancing.

Call or stop by the school office for more info or to get a registration form.
Calling All Crafters & Artists!

Craft Fair Artist
Calvary's 2nd Annual Craft Faire will be
December 7th & 8th. 

Sign up to sell your handmade goods on one of our tables in the Parish Hall.  A 6-foot is $25, and an 8-foot table is $35. 

Each vendor is asked to donate 1 item of their choice to our Raffle.  Raffle tickets will be sold at church and school and the profits will go to the scholarship fund to benefit families in need.
Please contact Kim Heggins with questions or table availability.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Car wash - Sat Sept 14 - Dr Hall's

Calvary Lutheran Car Wash
Date: Saturday Sept. 14th
Time: 10am-3pm
15803 Hesperian Blvd.
Corner of Hesperian & Grant Ave. at Dr. Hall's office.
We need Volunteer's to come wash car's, the more we have the merrier. 
We are also having a bake sale so any baked goods to sell are also welcome.
Hope to see every one there!