Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Renew E Scrip

Attention All Shoppers

Shop & Earn for our
Shop at Safeway to earn money for our group

Renew or sign up today with your
Safeway Club Card

As easy as  1   2   3 

            Renew by November 1st : If you participated last year, renew so our   
            group continues to earn contributions.
            1. Go to eSrcip.com
            2. Click on "Yes Renew!"
    3. Enter either your phone number, email or Club Card number.


If you are not signed up yet, your participation can mean hundreds of dollars for our group.
1. Go to eScrip.com
2. Click on "1-sign up"
3. Enter your Club Card Number

What's New!
Safeway wants to do what we can to help every child stay fit and have access to nutrition programs. So we are asking schools and groups that receive Safeway donations to allocate 20% towards fitness and nutrition activities.

Hope to see ya there........
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