Monday, March 6, 2017

Recommendation To Close Calvary School - Vote on Sunday


Calvary Lutheran Church


Greetings in the Name of our Lord,
Yesterday at the end of Worship, it was announced that the reason for our Special Meeting on March 12th is to vote on the recommendation of the Board of Governance, Pastor and Superintendent to close the school at the end of this year.
The reason for the recommendation is low enrollment.  We have been operating in the red for many years.  With the current registration numbers we would not be able to cover our costs.
School parents are actively engaged in trying to secure enough registrations to put us in the black.
I will be chairing a meeting Tuesday evening at 7pm for parents and any other interested parties to bring their questions and suggestions regarding the recommended closing. 
The chair of the CFA (parents association) wanted to be sure that the Congregation knew they were invited.  They specifically wanted to members to hear the many positive stories of Calvary's importance to the life of their family.
Yours in Christ,

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